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General information
PersonalityLofty, Inflexible, Honorable
Race traitsHomeworld specials: Artifacts
Beam defense: +25%
Ship improvements: Combat speed bonus
Starting tech: Physics
Politics and geography

Alkari are one of the major civilizations in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion[edit | edit source]

The Alkari are descended from large birds and are still capable of limited flight. From an early age Alkari learn to master the subtleties of flight and three dimensional motion. As a result, Alkari make superior pilots: their ships are very difficult to hit and, given equivalent designs, their ships will move before any others except the Mrrshan. Alkari pilots add three levels of defense to any spacecraft they pilot in combat and add +3 to their ship initiatives.

To take full advantage of the Alkari’s combat bonus, Alkari players should build small and medium ships. The defensive bonus tremendously reduces the amount of damage taken.

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares[edit | edit source]

The Alkari are an avian race descended from great flying reptiles. Reared as fliers, Alkari pilots have an almost instinctive grasp of the dynamics of three-dimensional motion. As a result, Alkari ships gain a 40% defensive bonus in space combat. Long ago, the Alkari home world was once a colony of the powerful Orion empire. The ancient artifacts left from that time give their researchers an advantage. The Alkari government is a Dictatorship.

Master of Orion 3[edit | edit source]

This race was not featured in Master of Orion 3.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars[edit | edit source]

Manual[edit | edit source]

The proud and noble Alkari strike fear within their enemies when their ships cross the sky. The Alkari are leaders and gifted combat specialists respected throughout the universe. As natural aviators, they bring their innate knowledge of flight into battle with confidence. Their rich military tradition has tempered their aggression into an unshakable code of honor in war.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Hailing from the cloudy planet of Altair, the proud Alkari are an old race of Avian Hominids. Although, well known for their peaceful disposition, they are fierce in combat, and will rarely back out of a fight if they believe they have just cause.

The Skylord rules over the Flock uncontested. He is the de facto commander of all Alkari Fleets, crewed by highly skilled and disciplined soldiers. Their pilots are among the finest in the galaxy.

Alkari religion permeates every aspect of their culture, and their zeal can often times be confused with fanaticism.

They believe that the God of Sky created the Alkari to gaze over every horizon, and have been driven into space to fulfil that calling.

Website[edit | edit source]

The Alkari desire to be the greatest warriors in the galaxy, bringing pride and honor to their family. The Alkari refer to themselves as "one family under the guidance of Gods," referring to the pantheon of gods that Alkari society worships. The pantheon is led by the patriarchal God of Sky, Skree-Ak, often referred to as the Father of Alkari.

The gods resemble the various breeds of Alkari and watch over specific realms of Alkari life. Their home world, Altair, is rich in artifacts due to the ancient and well documented history of the Alkari. However, long before the Alkari were the dominant race on their planet, Altair was a thriving Orion outpost. This contributes to the artifact world status that the Alkari benefit from, but also shows the guiding hand that pushed the Alkari from their earliest evolutionary development. The early centuries of Alkari civilization were dominated by vicious internal warfare between the great families of Altair.

The years of warfare finally ended when the first Skylord united the families of all breeds to create the united Alkari government. The Alkari thrived under his generous dictatorship, witnessing revolutionary boosts in production, technology, and cultural achievements. The Alkari are now a dictatorship-style government called The Flock, which is still ruled over by a highly respected Skylord. The Alkari are a proud race which do not look upon offense with mercy. They are militaristic and noble, but often come to war with other races based on what some would see as minor infractions. Even as an increasing amount of intergalactic conflicts stretch Alkari resources and troops thin, their warrior ways mean that they refuse to back down from a fight.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Lofty, Inflexible, Honorable

  • Natural Pilots Natural Pilots (8)
    Like birds, this race has an affinity for flight and their natural skills lend themselves to becoming top combat pilots, always pushing the limits of their ships.
    • Beam defense: +50%
    • Beam attack: +25%
    • Travel speed bonus: +25%
    • Combat speed bonus: +25%
  • Homeworld Specials: Artifacts Homeworld Specials: Artifacts (1)
    This race's homeworld has artifacts. They allow faster research.
  • Homeworld Size: Large Homeworld Size: Large (2)
    This race's homeworld is a large planet. It supports a bigger population than normal planets.

The Alkari traits cost a total of 11 points, a combination that would be illegal as a custom race (10 points maximum).

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]