Antaran portal generator

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Antaran portal generator
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RequirementsResearch complete at three asteroid labs built on Antaran ruins
RestrictionsEmpire unique

The Antaran portal generator is a colony structure in Master of Orion. Building it opens the way for the Antaran victory.

Description[edit | edit source]

This colony structure allows transforming the star of the system into a portal to the Antaran dimension.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The structure should be built in a system where a massive fleet can easily be gathered. Once built, the system's star is transformed into a special wormhole. Moving the fleet there allows to fight the Antaran home fleet, though the Antaran system cannot be visited as it does not technically exist in the game. If the Antaran fleet is defeated, a victory cutscene is played. If you choose to continue playing afterwards, the wormhole can no longer be used.

Scrapping the structure returns the star to its previous state.