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Audrieh is a plant-based life form marginalized by the Antarans before the events of Master of Orion 3, therefore making it a minor magnate race in the game.

Being plants, the Audriehs pollutes less than other races. The species plant-based origin and low food intake requirement also suggests the race is apt in photosynthesis. Audrieh, like the cybernetic Meklars and Cynoids, requires half the amount of food per population compared to normal races.

Race attributes[edit | edit source]

MoO3[edit | edit source]

Hardwired stats

Species Gravity Press. Temp. Max. Oppr. Ground Combat Race Growth rate Special
Plant Moderate 8 7 3 Rating 3, Evade +30 Audrieh Normal Pollution -25%, 1 Food/2 Pop
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