Biomorphic fungi

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Biomorphic fungi
Biomorphic fungi.png
Tech requiredAstro biology or Trans genetics
RP cost650 (unlocking technology)

Biomorphic fungi is a removed tech achievement in Master of Orion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Biomorphic Fungi is a highly adaptive, edible fungus that can extract nearly any form of energy from its environment in order to grow. It flourishes in any environment, including hard vacuum and radiated worlds.

Evaluation[edit | edit source]

A planet's maximum population is function of its biome's farmable cells and productive cells, possibly increased by advanced city planning. The effect of the biomorphic fungi tech achievement is that, regardless of biome, all planets of the empire have 100% farmable cells. This greatly increases the maximum population, especially on toxic, radiated, volcanic, and inferno worlds which normally have 0% farmable cells. It does not, however, improve the planets' "base food per cell" value at all, so while farming a radiated, toxic, or volcanic world becomes possible, it is not really useful as it will not bring any food. As an unintended result, it is most useful to the Silicoids, who benefit from the increased maximum population but do not need to actually farm.

Although the tech achievement was removed from the game, its support code (in Backend.Galaxy.ProductionGrid.GetTotalTilesForBiome(Planet, PlanetBiomeType, Civilization)) is still present, so it can be reimplemented easily by a simple yaml mod.