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Colony structures

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Colony structures are the basis of an empire, improving various areas of their functioning. All structures are categorized first by the area of a colony's functioning they affect, then by the type of bonus:

  • Icon food.png, Icon production.png, Icon research.png, Icon credits.png: bonus to the planet's output
  • Icon food.pngPopulation growth high.png: bonus to farming
  • Icon production.pngPopulation growth high.png: bonus to industry
  • Icon research.pngPopulation growth high.png: bonus to science
  • Icon credits.pngPopulation growth high.png: bonus to taxes
  • (SYS): bonus applies to entire system
  • (EMP): bonus applies to entire empire

Building Cost Mx Effect Technology Requirements & Restrictions
Icon food.png Icon production.png Icon research.png Icon credits.png Icon morale.png Icon command points.png Icon security.png Other effects
120Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png +1Icon food.png +1Icon production.png +1Icon research.png +25%Icon morale.png
+20%Icon security.png
  • Enables taxation
  • Influences minor civilizations
  • Empire unique
Marine barracks.png
Marine barracks
60Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +5Icon morale.png
  • Enables ground defenses
  • +1 marine every five turns
Missile base.png
Missile base
60Icon production.png 1Icon credits.png
  • Missile-based planetary defense
Star base.png
Star base
120 Icon production.png 1 Icon credits.png 5 Icon command points.png
  • Scanner range +1
  • Allows Battleships and larger
  • Allows ship upgrade
  • Ship repair 5% per turn
Automated factory.png
Automated factory
50Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +2Icon production.png Physics (TL 1)
45Icon production.png 1Icon credits.png +1Icon food.png +1Icon research.png Biology (TL 1)
Hydroponic farm.png
Hydroponic farm
60Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +2Icon food.png Biology (TL 1)
Research laboratory.png
Research laboratory
35Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +2Icon research.png Government (TL 1)
Goverment support facility.png
Government support facility
40Icon production.png 1Icon credits.png +10Icon morale.png
  • Enables taxation
Government (TL 1)
Atmospheric renewer.png
Atmospheric renewer
60Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png Molecular manipulation (TL 2)
Colonial revenue services.png
Colonial revenue services
60Icon production.png +1Icon credits.pngPopulation growth high.png Economics (TL 2)
Colony base.png
Colony base
2Icon credits.png +1Icon food.png Deep space exploration (TL 2)
  • Colony founding
  • Cannot be built
Fungal farms.png
Fungal farms
60Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +1Icon food.png Biotechnology (TL 2)
Spy center.png
Spy center
90Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +20%Icon security.png (SYS) Xeno relations (TL 2)
  • Empire unique
Advance data center.png
Advanced data center
110Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png +1Icon research.pngPopulation growth high.png Private funding (TL 3)
Cloning center.png
Cloning center
90Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png Genetic engineering (TL 3)
Crust prospecting.png
Crust prospecting
30Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png +2Icon production.png Private funding (TL 3)
Deep sea cooling.png
Deep-sea cooling
90Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png +3Icon research.png Xenobiotics (TL 3)
Scanner global ADN.png
Global DNA scanner
90Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +15%Icon security.png Military tactics (TL 3)
Neutron collider.png
Neutron collider
110Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png +1Icon production.pngPopulation growth high.png Neutron physics (TL 3)
Soil enrichment.png
Soil enrichment facility
110Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png +1Icon food.pngPopulation growth high.png Xenobiotics (TL 3)
Toxics processor.png
Toxic processor
160Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png Xenobiotics (TL 3)
Alien management center.png
Alien management center
60Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png
  • +50% Assimilation rate
Xenology (TL 4)
Geosynchronic wharf.png
Geosynchronic warehouse
120Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png
  • -20% buyout cost
Private funding (TL 4)
Gravity generators.png
Gravity generators
160Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png Artificial gravity (TL 4)
  • Non-tolerated gravity
Moon laboratory.png
Moon laboratory
100Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +6Icon research.png Artificial gravity (TL 4)
Ground batteries.png
Orbital batteries
180Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png
  • Beam-based planetary defense
Robotics (TL 4)
Orbital shipyard.png
Orbital shipyard
80Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png
  • -20% ship cost
Artificial gravity (TL 4)
140Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png Private funding (TL 4)
Armor barracks.png
Armor barracks
165Icon production.png 2Icon credits.png
  • Enables ground defenses
  • +1 tank or battleoid every ten turns
Cybertechnics (TL 5)
Pollution processor.png
Pollution processor
140Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png
  • Pollution reduction: 15
  • Upgrades atmospheric renewer
Molecular compression (TL 5)
Robo miners.png
180Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png +2Icon production.png
+1Icon production.pngPopulation growth high.png
Cybertechnics (TL 5)
Holo simulator.png
Holo simulator
160Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +15%Icon morale.png Optronics (TL 5)
Planetary radiation shield.png
Planetary radiation shield
160Icon production.png 3Icon credits.png Magneto gravitics (TL 5)
Space port.png
Space port
60Icon production.png +5Icon credits.png
  • Influences minor civilizations
Galactic trading (TL 5)
Astro university.png
Astro university
230Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png +2Icon research.pngPopulation growth high.png Teaching methods (TL 6)
  • System unique
Espionage training facility.png
Espionage training facility
260Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png
  • Spy training time halved
  • Spy starting level 2
Teaching methods (TL 6)
  • Empire unique
  • Spy center built
Space elevator.png
Space elevator
220Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png
  • -30% ship cost
Astro engineering (TL 6)
Subterranean farms.png
Subterranean farms
240Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +2Icon food.png
+1Icon food.pngPopulation growth high.png
Astro biology (TL 6)
Weather controller.png
Weather controller
240Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +25%Icon food.png Astro biology (TL 6)
Battle station
320 Icon production.png 2 Icon credits.png 7 Icon command points.png
  • Scanner range +2
  • Allows Battleships and larger
  • Allows ship upgrade
  • Ship repair 7% per turn
  • Upgrades star base
Advanced robotics (TL 7)
Interplanetary administration
160Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png
  • Redistributes food across the system
  • Allows system colonies to export production
Advanced government (TL 7)
  • System unique
Interplanetary security transmitter.png
Interplanetary security network
320Icon production.png 7Icon credits.png +10%Icon security.png (SYS) Advanced government (TL 7)
  • System unique
320Icon production.png 4Icon credits.png +10Icon research.png
  • Upgrades research laboratory
Positronics (TL 8)
Space academy.png
Space academy
300Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png Advanced tactics (TL 8)
  • Empire unique
Planetary stock exchange.png
Planetary stock exchange
300Icon production.png +2Icon credits.pngPopulation growth high.png Galactic economics (TL 9)
  • System unique
Core waste dump.png
Core waste dump
300Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png
  • Pollution reduction: 150
  • Upgrades pollution processor
Tectonic engineering (TL 9)
Deep core mine.png
Deep core mine
360Icon production.png 10Icon credits.png +2Icon production.pngPopulation growth high.png Tectonic engineering (TL 9)
Artemis system net.png
Artemis system net
500Icon production.png 5Icon credits.png
  • Mine-based system defense
Superscalar construction (TL 10)
  • System unique
Star fortress
600 Icon production.png 8 Icon credits.png 10 Icon command points.png
  • Scanner range +3
  • Allows Battleships and larger
  • Allows ship upgrade
  • Ship repair 10% per turn
  • Upgrades star base and battle station
Superscalar construction (TL 10)
Scientific victory 1.png
400 Icon production.png
  • Starts race to scientific victory
Multi-dimensional physics (TL 10)
  • Empire unique
Planetary flux shield.png
Planetary flux shield
300Icon production.png 6Icon credits.png
  • Upgrades radiated biome to barren
  • Planetary defense: 35
  • Upgrades planetary radiation shields
Quantum fields (TL 10)
Pleasure dome.png
Pleasure dome
400Icon production.png 6Icon credits.png +30%Icon morale.png Moleculartronics (TL 10)
Scientific victory 2.png
550 Icon production.png
  • Upgrades HTTP
  • Progresses towards scientific victory
Superscalar construction (TL 10)
  • Empire unique
  • HTTP built
Galactic currency exchange.png
Galactic currency exchange
320Icon production.png
  • +100% Icon credits.png income across empire
Galactic networking (TL 11)
  • Empire unique
Galactic cybernet node.png
Galactic cybernet node
400Icon production.png 10Icon credits.png +50%Icon research.png +20%Icon security.png (EMP) Galactic networking (TL 11)
  • Empire unique
Planetary supercomputer.png
Planetary supercomputer
380Icon production.png 6Icon credits.png +25Icon research.png Artificial consciousness (TL 11)
  • System unique
Planetary barrier shield.png
Planetary barrier shield
500Icon production.png 10Icon credits.png
  • Upgrades radiated biome to barren
  • Planetary defense: 60
  • Upgrades planetary radiation or flux shields
Temporal fields (TL 12)
Scientific victory 3.png
700 Icon production.png
  • Upgrades TCP
  • Achieves scientific victory
Planar transcendence (TL 12)
  • Empire unique
  • TCP built