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General information
PersonalityProsperous, Greedy, Lucky
Race picksLow-G World
+1 BC
Fantastic Traders
Race traitsFantastic traders
Special abilities: Lucky
Credits from population: +50%
Low gravity homeworld
Politics and geography

The Gnolam are a race in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion II[edit | edit source]

The Gnolams are a dwarf-like people from a Low-G home world whose society focuses almost exclusively on monetary gain as a measure of status. As a result, the Gnolams are Fantastic Traders, and thus receive greater benefit from trade treaties and higher than normal income from excess food and trade goods. The capitalistic nature of the Gnolam race is so intense that each unit of Gnolam population generates an additional 1 BC per turn. The GnolamsÕ Low-G roots put them at a 10% disadvantage in ground combat. To maximise the potential for profit, their government is a business-friendly Dictatorship. Somehow, these lucky creatures always manage to avoid the consequences of random natural disasters.

Master of Orion 3[edit | edit source]

This game does not exists.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars[edit | edit source]

In-Game Biography[edit | edit source]

The Gnolam League is a tightly knit confederacy of traders based in the Gnol system. The title of Commodore of the League is the highest rank a Gnolam can attain.

Any trader bold or lucky enough may come to hold this highly sought after position, representing the Gnolams in all official affairs. The League is well-known for its seemingly endless fortune, both in goods and good luck.

Gnolams are cunning merchants and ruthless moneylenders, who would rather pay off an enemy than fight them. However, their vast material wealth usually allows them to fund large fleets in short notice should they feel the need to take the field.

Website Biography[edit | edit source]

To underestimate the shrewd Gnolam race would be a naïve mistake. While not the brutal warriors or charming diplomats of the universe, the Gnolam are especially gifted when it comes to matters of trade and commerce. Their skills are suited for the shadowy brokers who rule with tendrils of wealth and connection spanning the stars. The Gnolams may humbly pin their success on good luck, but any sharp diplomat knows the Gnolam are clever traders who aggressively pursue favorable economic policies. They are paranoid and cautious about protecting what is theirs, unafraid to use unstable technologies or hire questionable mercenaries to defend their interests. While they revel in wealth and beauty, they are always looking for the next gain. Even as they walk through chambers of gold and dazzling gems, they dream of wealth unseen and treasures untold. Their fantastic wealth has made them the envy of the universe, making them the targets of many raids, yet they continue to persevere. The Gnolam look to the stars and see rolling numbers and yet-unfilled vaults calling their name.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion II[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars[edit | edit source]

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