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General information
PersonalityTireless, Uncreative, Hive-minded
Race traitsHomeworld minerals: Poor
Uber planet: Cavernous
Food from population: +50%
Production from population: +25%
Starting Tech: Biology
Politics and geography

Klackon are one of the major civilizations in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion 3[edit | edit source]

This game does not exists.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars[edit | edit source]

The Klackon, born into their societal roles, live in perfect harmony. They work for the good of the community rather than serving the desires of the individual. In fact, the Klackon are seemingly born without personal interests, assuming the identity of the Hive from birth. They do not worry about traitors or morale, and as such are one of the few domestically at peace races. Kholdan, the home world of the Klackon, is a harsh planet under the gaze of a relentless sun. Most of the edible vegetation of from Kholdan is encased in a thick shell which must be cracked in order to access the softer flesh. Kholdan�s viable water reserves are connected in a vast series of interconnected underground caverns, where the Klackon build their elaborate subterranean cities. The early history of the Klackon is mostly unremarkable due to their lack of internal struggle. The Klackon began as mindless insects who were solely motivated by the demands of survival on a harsh planet. Over many millennia, the Klackon became more intelligent and aware but the Klackon identity remained unchanged. They are still bound by duty, evolution, and tradition. The Klackon have a unification government which is headed by a Queen who serves as a galactic representative of the race. The Queen�s role is to make critical decisions on behalf of the Klackon hive on the intergalactic stage. The primary intergalactic agenda of the Klackon is to protect the people at any cost. Every citizen, from the Queen to the lowest worker, will fall into place and die for the sake of the Hive.

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