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Announced on 9th June 2015,, Master of Orion is a restart of the Master of Orion series, authored by NGD Studios from Argentina. Following in the footsteps of its grand ancestors (with the exclusion of Master of Orion 3), it is set for a 2016 release - giving everyone the ability to test their skills in crafting an interstellar empire and dominating all who oppose them - or failing miserably and watching as their people fall prey to stronger opponents.

Are you up to the task? Master of Orion is in Full Release now!

Due to the similarity of names, differences in actual gameplay, and title length, games are distinguished by suffixes: 1993 denotes the first Master of Orion, MoO2 indicates Battle at Antares, MoO3 represents Master of Orion 3. No suffix indicates the reboot.
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Races and racial traits: Humans (Terran Khanate) · Alkari · Bulrathi · Darlok · Elerian · Gnolam · Klackon · Meklar · Mrrshan · Psilon · Sakkra · Silicoid · Trilarian · Antarans · Independent civilizations

Galaxy: Systems · Planets (Biomes, Gravity, Mineral richness, Resources) · Stars · Gas giants · Asteroid belts

Miscellaneous: Orion · Space monsters · Pirates · Anomalies · GNN · Random events


Empire management: System management · Economy (Food · Production · Research points · Credits) · Population · Morale · Taxation · Research · Technology tree

Planet management: Planet features (Biomes, Gravity, Mineral richness, Resources) · Colony structures · Colony projects · Colony defense


Diplomacy: Diplomatic states · Diplomatic actions · Diplomatic treaties · Galactic council · Racial biases


Fleet management: Space combat · Ship types · Ship modules (Ship weapons) · Ship designer

List of third party tools

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