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General information
PersonalityIndustrious, Erratic, Unpredictable
Race traitsFood consumption: -50%
Production from population: +25%
Ship auto repair: Enabled
Starting Tech: Physics
Politics and geography

The Meklar are one of the major civilizations in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Meklar are hyper-logical machines which are all expansions of the same consciousness. The Meklar prioritize pursuits that are efficient, logical, and beneficial to the Combine. They do not have �values� that follow the same conventions as other races. As cybernetic computers, the Meklar have priorities and objectives which function to advance their own knowledge and capabilities. They only seem to �fear� losing power or memory, which means a loss of ideal operation standards and leaves the Meklar infrastructure at risk. The Meklar home world of Meklon was once host to many diverse populations of organic wildlife, but they were driven high into the wooden mountains to avoid the urbanization of Meklar development. The Meklar have overtaken Meklon with their elaborate infrastructure that serves as a base for the complex mix of hardware and software development that fuels the empire. The Meklar are built and plugged into their shared consciousness, becoming fully operational as soon as they are integrated into the system. The origins of the Meklar are unknown. While the Meklar appear to be entirely machine, they do still require organic materials such as food and water. The reason is unknown. Perhaps their creators gave them organic parts to create a similarity, but the Meklar's creators have been gone for a long time now and nothing remains of them but their machine legacy.. It is unknown to what end the Meklar spread themselves across the galaxies - colonizing, watching, and updating their systems all the while. Some whisper that the Meklar search for an endless and renewable power source so that they may monitor all corners of the universe.

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