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General information
PersonalityFearless, Warlike, Proud
Race traitsHomeworld size: Large
Uber planet: Grassland
Ground units: Extended barracks
Starting tech: Engineering
Politics and geography

The Mrrshan are one of the major civilizations in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Master of Orion[edit | edit source]

Ruthless and fearless, Mrrshan warriors loved nothing more than a good fight. Their hunting reflexes and instincts gave them tremendous accuracy in battle, and they almost always attacked first, even when facing the Alkari. Typically, the Mrrshan had one of the largest fleets in the galaxy. They were the only race ruled by empresses, who were usually ruthless and warlike. Their most hated enemies were the Alkari, but they also greatly disliked the Sakkra. In addition, they were on negative terms with the Bulrathi, Darloks, and Klackons. The only race they did trust was the Humans. Mrrshan technology favored the development of new weapons, but they struggled with construction tech.

Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares[edit | edit source]

For centuries, the Mrrshan were feared throughout the Milky Way for their skilled gunners. By this era, they had actually improved on that legacy. In addition to their attack skills, their ship crews were better trained than all others, and could reach an ultra-elite level. Their leaders were also capable of reaching unbelievable skill levels through this training. Each Mrrshan planet was a full military base, housing twice the number of soldiers that the other races usually stationed on their worlds. They also contained military commanders who coordinated the local fleet activity; this allowed for much larger fleets to be supported. The Mrrshan were a military Dictatorship. Interestingly, the Mrrshan homeworld changed its name from Fierias to Fieras sometime prior to this era. Two other big changes also occurred since the earlier days -- a large source of neutronium was found, making their homeworld rich, and the traditional matriarchy was replaced by a new line of emperors. This hostile warrior race still hated their ancient rivals, the Alkari. They also disliked the Gnolams and the Klackons. The Meklars and Trilarians were respected on Fieras, and the Elerians were held in high regard.

Master of Orion 3[edit | edit source]

This game does not exists.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars[edit | edit source]

In-Game Biography[edit | edit source]

The blazing savannas of Fieras gave rise to the ruthless warriors known as the Mrrshan, but their hot temper almost proved their undoing.

After years on the brink of civil war, the Mrrshan Emperess rules over her Pride without question. Mrrshan are willful and independent, and their long history as hunters has shaped their culture fittingly.

They see themselves as the peak of predators, and any other life from who crosses their path is regarded as fair game.

They often strike out against even their closest allies just for the sport of battle. They are easily offended, and will pursue relentlessly anyone they feel has slighted them, heedless of the consequences.

Website Biography[edit | edit source]

The Mrrshan are elegant, rebellious, and independent creatures. They are a highly decorated race with beautiful art, architecture, and flawless personal style. Designs from Mrrshan culture often catch a high price in any market, as their products are exquisitely made and luxurious in nature. Fieras, the home world of the Mrrshan, is a sunny planet with spacious plains, dense jungles, and shining seas. The Mrrshan, while the most intelligent of life on Fieras, are not alone on their planet. They are surrounded by many vicious beasts and creatures, keeping the Mrrshan vigilant against attacks.

These natural predators are thought to be one reason why the Mrrshan became such excellent soldiers later in their evolution. While they are a feudal government, nothing about their laws or policies are oppressive. The Mrrshan as a whole value freedom from religious, creative, political, and personal oppression. They believe in living as they please, loving whoever they want, and above all being fearless in battle.

The Royal Family rules over the feudal government, with an Empress ruling over all. The Empress leads the Mrrshan into battle during times of war and manages her Royal court in times of peace. The Mrrshan royalty are looked upon as the source of strength for their battalions in times of war. The Mrrshan see the skies as a great adventure. They see beauty in the stars and majesty in the phenomena of the galaxies. They fight for freedom and the right to explore any corner of space they desire. The Mrrshan are too adventurous to be kept in the confines of their home galaxy when there are thousands of lands they have not seen. The Mrrshan are some of the deadliest gunners in the universe and they will use those gifts against any who try to block their path.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Fearless, Warlike, Proud

  • Homeworld Size: Large
  • Uber Planet: Grassland
  • Ground Units: Extended Barracks
  • Starting Tech: Engineering

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Bulrathi[edit | edit source]

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