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When a random event occurs a GNN report will pop up to inform you about it. Random events can be beneficial or harmful.

List of random events (incomplete)[edit | edit source]

  • Supernova
  • Deadly Disease
  • Planet mineral richness increase/decrease
  • Earthquake
  • Computer Virus
  • Population Boom

Supernova[edit | edit source]

A sun is about to supernova which destroys an entire system, reducing all planets to asteroid belts. To stop this you have to assign population in the system to research a solution. If you have produced enough science points in a random amount of turns the supernova can be averted.

Deadly Disease[edit | edit source]

A deadly disease strikes one of your planets and halves population growth (effectively halving food production). To find a cure you have to assign population to research. After enough research points are accumulated, a cure is found and the food production is restored.

Planet mineral richness increase/decrease[edit | edit source]

Either through a random discovery of new mineral deposits or random depletion of existing ones the production rating of a planet can increase or decrease one grade, respectively. The player has no control over discovery or depletion of mineral deposits.

Earthquake[edit | edit source]

An earthquake strikes one of your planets. Earthquakes come in minor or major varieties, both will destroy buildings on the planet in varying amounts.

Computer Virus[edit | edit source]

A computer virus is detected and in effect cuts your total research In half.

Population Boom[edit | edit source]

A population boom doubles the growth rate at a planet for a random amount of turns, until the population boom subsides. Both the start and the end of the event is announced over GNN.

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