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In Master of Orion there are 6 types of stars which each have a chance to contain different types of planets. while it is possible to have a huge, Gaia, ultra-rich planet on red or brown stars it is unlikely, one exception is starting planets which are always Terran (unless otherwise specified by a species traits) and can have a random star type (usually not brown). Orion is always a Gian world with ultra rich minerals and the largest size. mousing over a star will tell you what star it is.

  • Brown Stars: these have a high chance of not containing a planet and even if they do it will likely have a low mineral rating and low biome rating.
  • Red Stars: these have a high chance of having one or more planets in orbit but they have a low chance of having high mineral and biome rating.
  • Orange Stars: Orange stars often have planets with higher biome ratings but low mineral ratings.
  • Yellow Stars: Yellow stars usually contain planets with average mineral ratings and mid range biome ratings.
  • White Stars: these stars usually have planets with high mineral ratings and lower biome ratings.
  • Blue-White Stars: these stars often have very high mineral ratings and low biome ratings.

Names[edit | edit source]

the different stars appear to choose their names at random from a list unless they are a starting world or Orion (this being a wiki you may add a star you know is in the game but not listed).

Star Name
Sssla (Sakkra home system)
Sol (Human home system)
Meklon (Meklar home system)
Altair (Alkari home system)
Mentar (Psilon home system)
Kholdan (Klackon home system)
Ursa (Bulrathi home system)
Fieras (Mrrshan home system)
Alpha Ceti (Terran home system)
(insert more stars by editing the page)

Stars are connected by hyperspace lines which facilitate travel between systems, you can also build jump gates which allow you to travel from one warp gate directly to another from anywhere in your empire. travel between these lines can be slow at first but it is increased by travel speed upgrades (drives).

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