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In Master of Orion there are six types of stars which each have a chance to contain different types of planets. A star can have up to five orbiting planets, including gas giants and asteroid belts. A major civilization's starting system will always contain exactly two planets, regardless of star type: the homeworld (arid, desert, ocean, swamp, or volcanic depending on racial traits, or terran by default), and while the other will be either a gas giant or an asteroid field. Independent civilizations on the other hand always have starting systems with colonizable planets, allowing major races to settle there and incorporate them as a protectorate of their empire.

Interstellar travel is possible in three ways:

  • Blue warp lanes: connecting two stable warp points, they are accessible since the start of the game (unless a "pre-warp" start was selected).
  • Red warp lanes: connecting to unstable warp points, they are accessible only after researching electromagnetic refraction to obtain the multistate insulator.
  • Jump gates: accessible after researching gravitic fields and building them in a colonized system with a space factory. Your ships can travel freely between any two jump gates under your control.

Star types[edit | edit source]

Star Image Description
Blue-White Star
These are the hottest stars, making it extremely difficult to find habitable planets around them. Their planets are mineral rich though.
White Star
Young stars that have mineral rich planets but are barely able to support life.
Yellow Star
Average stars that often have moderate mineral resources and tolerance to life.
Orange Star
These stars are always orbited by planets that can support life but are poor in minerals.
Red Star
Banner STAR TYPE RED.png
Few planets form around these stars, and those that do rarely have mineral resources or habitable environments.
Brown Star
These extremely rare stars usually host no planets at all, and those that do rarely have habitable environments.
Antaran Portal
A portal to the Antaran Dimension
A wormhole bends time and space, allowing ships to travel instantaneously between its two ends.

Star systems[edit | edit source]

Planet Richness Chance
Star Class Ultra-Poor Poor Abundant Rich Ultra-Rich
Blue-White 0% 0% 30% 40% 30%
White 0% 9% 34% 36% 21%
Yellow 10% 29% 39% 14% 8%
Orange 16% 39% 36% 8% 1%
Red 20% 33% 46% 1% 0%
Brown 10% 34% 35% 16% 5%

Names[edit | edit source]

Star systems serving as the starting homeworld of a civilization always have a specific name. Other star systems are named from lists of star names for each star type. This means that, for example, Sol will always be the homeworld of the Human Republic, but it will not always be a yellow star. Inversely, Aldebaran will always be a yellow star, but it will only shelter a civilization if it has been colonized during the game. Uninhabited systems may be generated with a space monster, or serve as a base for space pirates.

Civilized systems[edit | edit source]

Star Name Civilization Civilization Type
Alpha Ceti Terran Khanate Major
Altair Alkari Flock Major
Ban-el-Akir Akirian Diarchy Independent
Cryslon Silicoids Crag Major
Degon Degonite Kritarchy Independent
Draconis Elerian Fiefdoms Major
Fieras Mrrshan Pride Major
Gly Glis Nomocracy Independent
Gnol Gnolam League Major
Kholdan Klackon Hive Major
Meklon Meklar Combine Major
Mentar Psilon Quanta Major
Nazin Darlok Cabal Major
Nyemor Nyemorian Magocracy Independent
Nyu Nyunyu Sortition Independent
Orion Orion Elder
Sol Human Republic Major
Sssla Sakkra Brood Major
Tetchys Eldritch Anocracy Independent
Thersonia Thersonian Timocracy Independent
Trilar Trilarian Shoal Major
Ursa Bulrathi Empire Major
Yar-ssan Yar-ssian Autocracy Independent
Zarkonia Zarkonian Chiefdom Independent

Uninhabited systems[edit | edit source]

Star Name Star Type
Abbith Blue-White Star
Abeen White Star
Acamar Yellow Star
Achir Orange Star
Actaeus Red Star
Adenin Brown Star
Adib Blue-White Star
Ajax White Star
Ajieh Yellow Star
Akrab Orange Star
Alacast Red Star
Alaozar Brown Star
Alar Blue-White Star
Alcor White Star
Aldebaran Yellow Star
Alepha Orange Star
Algeiba Red Star
Algol Brown Star
Alphar White Star
Alpha Blue-White Star
Anchat Yellow Star
Andromeda Orange Star
Anraqo Brown Star
Anraq Red Star
Antarktos Blue-White Star
Aquilae White Star
Aran Yellow Star
Arcturus Orange Star
Argusmi Brown Star
Argus Red Star
Arietis Blue-White Star
Arkab White Star
Arkham Yellow Star
Arlyehm Orange Star
Aroch Red Star
Artemis Brown Star
Ascellus Blue-White Star
Asterion White Star
Atari Yellow Star
Atsui Orange Star
Audax Red Star
Aurora Brown Star
Avellar Blue-White Star
Axion White Star
Ayil Yellow Star
Azimon Orange Star
Baalbo Red Star
Baaltis Brown Star
Babylon Blue-White Star
Bagdei White Star
Baham Yellow Star
Balik Orange Star
Barcada Red Star
Barvra Brown Star
Benat Blue-White Star
Berel White Star
Bestia Yellow Star
Beta Ceti Red Star
Beta Orange Star
Bethmoora Brown Star
Bieron Blue-White Star
Biots White Star
Birdon Yellow Star
Blucher Orange Star
Bogina Red Star
Boloe Brown Star
Bootes Blue-White Star
Bootis White Star
Borea Yellow Star
Boshi Orange Star
Brachium Red Star
Browntes Brown Star
Brutum Blue-White Star
Bubulus White Star
Buemis Yellow Star
Bulanen Orange Star
Bunda Red Star
Bungula Brown Star
Burin Blue-White Star
Bussola White Star
Butain Yellow Star
Cabrilla Orange Star
Cadmus Red Star
Caeleb Brown Star
Callisto Blue-White Star
Camelus White Star
Canis Yellow Star
Canopus Orange Star
Capella Red Star
Caphria Brown Star
Carcosa Blue-White Star
Carinax White Star
Castor Yellow Star
Cathuria Orange Star
Ceginus Red Star
Celaeno Brown Star
Celephais Blue-White Star
Celox White Star
Celtsig Orange Star
Celtsi Yellow Star
Centauri Red Star
Cephee Brown Star
Cerva Blue-White Star
Ceti White Star
Cetuse Yellow Star
Charon Orange Star
Chay Red Star
Chelae Brown Star
Chiba Blue-White Star
Ching White Star
Choom Yellow Star
Chorazin Orange Star
Chort Red Star
Cimmeria Brown Star
Collassam White Star
Collassa Blue-White Star
Commoriom Yellow Star
Concordia Orange Star
Corbeau Red Star
Corolla Brown Star
Corona Blue-White Star
Corvus White Star
Cressas Yellow Star
Crius Orange Star
Croix Red Star
Croth Brown Star
Crux Blue-White Star
Cryptos Yellow Star
Crypto White Star
Cursa Orange Star
Cygni Red Star
Dabanel Brown Star
Dagon Blue-White Star
Damea White Star
Dannu Yellow Star
Dante Orange Star
Darrian Red Star
Dauphin Brown Star
Degiri Blue-White Star
Deli White Star
Delta Yellow Star
Demhe Orange Star
Dendo Red Star
Denebk Brown Star
Denubius Blue-White Star
Derke White Star
Desmos Yellow Star
Dhira Orange Star
Diab Red Star
Dilfim Brown Star
Dilgan Blue-White Star
Distaff White Star
Dolza Orange Star
Dolz Yellow Star
Dorado Red Star
Draco Brown Star
Drakka Blue-White Star
Dramasa White Star
Dromos Yellow Star
Drossel Orange Star
Dumke Red Star
Dunatis Brown Star
Dunwich Blue-White Star
Ecber White Star
Echidna Yellow Star
Ecuar Orange Star
Einhorn Red Star
Elcorno Brown Star
Electra Blue-White Star
Elkisus White Star
Ellq Yellow Star
Elvarad Orange Star
Elysia Red Star
Endoria Brown Star
Enoch Blue-White Star
Ensis White Star
Enzu Yellow Star
Epsilon Orange Star
Ercole Red Star
Eridanus Brown Star
Erigone Blue-White Star
Erosria White Star
Erulus Yellow Star
Escalon Orange Star
Esper Red Star
Etana Brown Star
Exisko Blue-White Star
Exisuri White Star
Ezore Yellow Star
Ezra Orange Star
Faelis Red Star
Fafnir Brown Star
Fahde Blue-White Star
Fakar White Star
Fascia Yellow Star
Felis Orange Star
Ferassa Red Star
Fides Brown Star
Finnau Blue-White Star
Firma White Star
Fische Yellow Star
Fixas Orange Star
Fluvius Red Star
Fomalhaut Brown Star
Foo Blue-White Star
Fortuna White Star
Fovea Yellow Star
Frere Orange Star
Fullen Red Star
Fundusm Brown Star
Fuseki Blue-White Star
Gabbar White Star
Gadjoa Yellow Star
Galapago Orange Star
Galileo Red Star
Galos Brown Star
Gammaon White Star
Gamma Blue-White Star
Gatto Yellow Star
Gazelle Orange Star
Gehenna Red Star
Gemat Brown Star
Genam Blue-White Star
Geodesy White Star
Geph Yellow Star
Getaa Orange Star
Ghamus Red Star
Gharne Brown Star
Ghavs Blue-White Star
Gibber White Star
Gienaho Yellow Star
Gigas Orange Star
Gion Red Star
Girtab Brown Star
Gladius Blue-White Star
Goi Yellow Star
Gontzol Orange Star
Gorgonis Red Star
Gorra Brown Star
Gote Blue-White Star
Go White Star
Grumium White Star
Grusna Yellow Star
Gryphon Orange Star
Guad Red Star
Gularn Brown Star
Guradask White Star
Guradas Blue-White Star
Gurion Yellow Star
Habor Orange Star
Hadar Red Star
Hadramaut Brown Star
Hague Blue-White Star
Haliia White Star
Hally Yellow Star
Hamete Orange Star
Hammis Red Star
Hanekomi Brown Star
Hapbo Blue-White Star
Hapion White Star
Harag Yellow Star
Hasami Orange Star
Hasenus Red Star
Hastur Brown Star
Hawking Blue-White Star
Hayk White Star
Helios Yellow Star
Helos Orange Star
Heracles Brown Star
Hera Red Star
Herculis Blue-White Star
Hermidon White Star
Herschel Yellow Star
Hewel Orange Star
Hindea Red Star
Hiraki Brown Star
Hircus Blue-White Star
Hontes White Star
Horne Yellow Star
Horus Orange Star
Hoshi Red Star
Huttis Brown Star
Hyades Blue-White Star
Hyboria White Star
Hydrae Yellow Star
Hyperborea Orange Star
Ibis Red Star
Icarus Brown Star
Ilya Blue-White Star
Immaus White Star
Imra Yellow Star
Inakda Orange Star
Inari Red Star
Incedius Brown Star
Indus Blue-White Star
Inganok White Star
Invaka Yellow Star
Iranhai Orange Star
Iras Red Star
Iremoora Brown Star
Irra Blue-White Star
Ishi White Star
Ishtar Yellow Star
Ivielda Orange Star
Ixion Red Star
Izara Brown Star
Jabbar Blue-White Star
Jabos White Star
Jacob Yellow Star
Jaculum Orange Star
Janib Red Star
Jataka Brown Star
Jinga Blue-White Star
Jobetes White Star
Jordanus Yellow Star
Joseki Orange Star
Joshua Red Star
Juga Brown Star
Jugum Blue-White Star
Juka White Star
Justaa Yellow Star
Juzala Orange Star
Kadath Red Star
Kaes Brown Star
Kaff Blue-White Star
Kahtn White Star
Kailis Yellow Star
Kakari Orange Star
Kakata Red Star
Kakes Brown Star
Kalbla Blue-White Star
Kalib White Star
Katab Yellow Star
Keats Orange Star
Keeta Red Star
Kelev Brown Star
Khrissa Blue-White Star
Khumba White Star
Kif Yellow Star
Kit Orange Star
Kled Red Star
Kluhn Brown Star
Klystron Blue-White Star
Knaaa White Star
Knyan Yellow Star
Kochba Orange Star
Kolath Red Star
Komius Brown Star
Komokun Blue-White Star
Kosumi White Star
Kothhais Yellow Star
Krakena Orange Star
Krebs Red Star
Kronos Brown Star
Ktyngae Blue-White Star
Kulthos White Star
Kyusho Yellow Star
Laann Red Star
Laan Orange Star
Lacerta Brown Star
Ladon Blue-White Star
Laius White Star
Lamash Yellow Star
Laniger Orange Star
Larx Red Star
Lawdon Brown Star
Lemuria Blue-White Star
Lengzin White Star
Leonids Yellow Star
Lepus Orange Star
Lerion Red Star
Lesath Brown Star
Leviathan Blue-White Star
Lince White Star
Linxrdia Yellow Star
Lirr Orange Star
Lomar Red Star
Lonela Brown Star
Loraa Blue-White Star
Lupus White Star
Luraa Yellow Star
Lurnis Orange Star
Lyae Red Star
Lycaon Brown Star
Lyra Blue-White Star
Maalor White Star
Maazo Yellow Star
Madira Orange Star
Madorla Red Star
Magaria Brown Star
Magdalen Blue-White Star
Magi White Star
Magnus Yellow Star
Mahu Orange Star
Malecaut Red Star
Malusa Brown Star
Mane Blue-White Star
Manica White Star
Manzil Yellow Star
Maretta Orange Star
Marindi Red Star
Mariner Brown Star
Markab Blue-White Star
Matar White Star
Media Yellow Star
Menalo Orange Star
Menita Red Star
Mensa Brown Star
Merope Blue-White Star
Mihr White Star
Milaff Yellow Star
Minerva Orange Star
Minra Red Star
Miract Brown Star
Mirak Blue-White Star
Miranda White Star
Mirror Yellow Star
Mirza Orange Star
Mishay Brown Star
Misha Red Star
Mithras Blue-White Star
Mizar White Star
Mobas Yellow Star
Mochos Orange Star
Monius Red Star
Monkar Brown Star
Monstrum Blue-White Star
Montone White Star
Moroch Orange Star
Moro Yellow Star
Morrig Red Star
Moyosto Brown Star
Mu Delphi Blue-White Star
Mulano White Star
Mulban Yellow Star
Mulubat Orange Star
Munic Red Star
Muru Brown Star
Musator Blue-White Star
Muscida White Star
Mutatrix Yellow Star
Mutlat Orange Star
Naam Red Star
Nagar Brown Star
Naosus Blue-White Star
Narnla White Star
Nasak Yellow Star
Nathsa Orange Star
Necht Red Star
Nekkar Brown Star
Nephthys Blue-White Star
Neptunus White Star
Nessusm Yellow Star
Niallar Orange Star
Nilusis Red Star
Nimbus Brown Star
Ninsar Blue-White Star
Niphla White Star
Nirb Yellow Star
Niru Orange Star
Nisusm Red Star
Nitzer Brown Star
Nobi Blue-White Star
Noctuan White Star
Nordiaj Orange Star
Nordia Yellow Star
Nortes Red Star
Notonn Brown Star
Nubilium Blue-White Star
Numinos White Star
Nyarlg Yellow Star
Obacas Red Star
Obaca Orange Star
Obarion Brown Star
Obelus Blue-White Star
Oberona White Star
Octipes Yellow Star
Oculus Orange Star
Ogeima Red Star
Ogka Brown Star
Okabi Blue-White Star
Okda White Star
Okitis Yellow Star
Olathoe Orange Star
Olorunnis Brown Star
Olor Red Star
Omega Blue-White Star
Omicron White Star
Oomaius Yellow Star
Opuss Orange Star
Orbis Red Star
Orflar Brown Star
Oriab Blue-White Star
Origen White Star
Orloge Yellow Star
Osae Orange Star
Oshiad Red Star
Osiris Brown Star
Otawa Blue-White Star
Ovillus White Star
Padus Yellow Star
Paladiaus Red Star
Paladia Orange Star
Palaemon Brown Star
Pandora Blue-White Star
Panthera White Star
Paradise Yellow Star
Paranar Orange Star
Parmag Red Star
Passer Brown Star
Patera Blue-White Star
Pavoner Yellow Star
Pavo White Star
Paxn Orange Star
Pegasus Red Star
Pelenor Brown Star
Perenis Blue-White Star
Perizoma White Star
Pernus Yellow Star
Perseas Orange Star
Perseo Red Star
Pesci Brown Star
Phakt Blue-White Star
Phantos White Star
Pharmaz Yellow Star
Phecca Orange Star
Pherd Red Star
Phobeus Brown Star
Phoenix Blue-White Star
Phyco White Star
Piatuos Yellow Star
Pictor Orange Star
Pindarma Red Star
Pipiri Brown Star
Pistrix Blue-White Star
Plastrum White Star
Pleides Yellow Star
Plinyorea Orange Star
Poculum Red Star
Polarion Brown Star
Polaris Blue-White Star
Pollus White Star
Pollux Yellow Star
Pomptina Orange Star
Ponnuki Red Star
Porrima Brown Star
Poseidonis Blue-White Star
Praxis White Star
Priapus Yellow Star
Primodius Orange Star
Proclus Red Star
Proctor Brown Star
Procyon Blue-White Star
Proditor White Star
Profugus Yellow Star
Propus Orange Star
Proteus Red Star
Proxima Brown Star
Psi Blue-White Star
Ptolemy White Star
Pund Yellow Star
Pythones Orange Star
Qablu Red Star
Qatar Brown Star
Quadrupes Blue-White Star
Quandra White Star
Quayal Yellow Star
Quek Orange Star
Quercia Red Star
Quiurus Brown Star
Rabe Blue-White Star
Radiff White Star
Rahab Yellow Star
Ramad Orange Star
Ramono Red Star
Rana Brown Star
Ras Blue-White Star
Ravm White Star
Rayden Yellow Star
Rebarus Orange Star
Regulus Red Star
Remus Brown Star
Reticuli Blue-White Star
Revati White Star
Rex Yellow Star
Rhai Red Star
Rha Orange Star
Rheael Brown Star
Rhilus Blue-White Star
Rhombus White Star
Rialsa Yellow Star
Ribat Orange Star
Rigel Red Star
Risabam Brown Star
Rishka Blue-White Star
Riwand White Star
Rlyeh Yellow Star
Rochi Orange Star
Romulas Red Star
Rosaan Brown Star
Rosemund Blue-White Star
Rotan White Star
Rubariom Yellow Star
Rukubi Orange Star
Rutilicus Red Star
Ruzam Brown Star
Ryoun Blue-White Star
Saak White Star
Sabaki Yellow Star
Sabazius Orange Star
Sabik Red Star
Sadakon Brown Star
Sadr Blue-White Star
Saganes White Star
Sagitta Yellow Star
Sahil Orange Star
Sahu Red Star
Saiph Brown Star
Saliba Blue-White Star
Saltator White Star
Samson Yellow Star
Sanomeda Red Star
San Orange Star
Sarfah Brown Star
Sargon Blue-White Star
Sarkomand White Star
Sarnathi Yellow Star
Sarti Orange Star
Sarwa Red Star
Satyraut Brown Star
Saxon Blue-White Star
Scaliger White Star
Scera Yellow Star
Scheader Orange Star
Scheat Red Star
Schiff Brown Star
Schwan Blue-White Star
Scorpio White Star
Scutulums Yellow Star
Segel Orange Star
Seginus Red Star
Seidon Brown Star
Seki Blue-White Star
Selial Yellow Star
Selia White Star
Sella Orange Star
Semeai Red Star
Sentes Brown Star
Septumi Blue-White Star
Serapis White Star
Serpens Yellow Star
Shaghar Orange Star
Shalako Red Star
Sharru Brown Star
Shatr Blue-White Star
Shen White Star
Shicho Yellow Star
Shihm Orange Star
Shimari Red Star
Shinogi Brown Star
Shira Blue-White Star
Shwing White Star
Siktut Yellow Star
Simak Orange Star
Simius Red Star
Sirus Brown Star
Situla Blue-White Star
Skaio White Star
Slkima Yellow Star
Smon Orange Star
Sonans Red Star
Souchis Brown Star
Spica Blue-White Star
Stalaz White Star
Statius Yellow Star
Steinbok Orange Star
Stellio Red Star
Suji Brown Star
Sukra Blue-White Star
Sulcus White Star
Sung Yellow Star
Sutuls Orange Star
Suud Red Star
Syntaxis Brown Star
Syrius Blue-White Star
Tabena White Star
Tahon Yellow Star
Tain Orange Star
Tais Red Star
Takamoku Brown Star
Talas Blue-White Star
Tali White Star
Tambiru Yellow Star
Tammech Orange Star
Tantalus Red Star
Taoast Blue-White Star
Tao Brown Star
Tarandus White Star
Tarazad Yellow Star
Tarcuta Orange Star
Tatiana Red Star
Tau Cygni Blue-White Star
Taurio Yellow Star
Tauri White Star
Taurus Orange Star
Tau Brown Star
Tejat Red Star
Telum Brown Star
Templum Blue-White Star
Tenuki White Star
Tericas Yellow Star
Testa Orange Star
Tesuji Red Star
Tewari Brown Star
Thales Blue-White Star
Thaur White Star
Thesbia Yellow Star
Thiba Orange Star
Thog Red Star
Thok Brown Star
Thoth Blue-White Star
Thraa White Star
Thraxr Orange Star
Thrax Yellow Star
Thuban Red Star
Thuggon Brown Star
Tiam Blue-White Star
Tigrisd White Star
Tindalos Yellow Star
Tinnan Orange Star
Tirstar Red Star
Tome Brown Star
Tonds Blue-White Star
Toranor White Star
Torino White Star
Tormantius Yellow Star
Trax Orange Star
Trethon Red Star
Trifid Brown Star
Trigon Blue-White Star
Triones White Star
Tripton Yellow Star
Tristan Orange Star
Tsangs Red Star
Tsath Brown Star
Tsugi Blue-White Star
Tsuke White Star
Tucana Yellow Star
Tukan Orange Star
Turrktos Red Star
Tycho Brown Star
Tyrannus White Star
Tyrei Yellow Star
Tyriusus Orange Star
Tyr Blue-White Star
Ubarn Red Star
Ubboth Brown Star
Udarapha Blue-White Star
Udha White Star
Ukko Yellow Star
Ulgher Orange Star
Ulthar Red Star
Ummllus Brown Star
Ungal Blue-White Star
Unuklla White Star
Urania Yellow Star
Urflae Orange Star
Urkab Red Star
Urnar Brown Star
Ursulas Blue-White Star
Ursus White Star
Ussika Yellow Star
Uxmai Orange Star
Uzith Red Star
Vagnium Brown Star
Valkyr White Star
Valusia Yellow Star
Vane Blue-White Star
Varak Orange Star
Vardi Red Star
Varinia Brown Star
Vector Blue-White Star
Vegaer Yellow Star
Vega White Star
Velan Orange Star
Veneris Red Star
Vespam Brown Star
Vhoorl Blue-White Star
Vijzar White Star
Virgil Yellow Star
Virgoa Orange Star
Vitruvious Red Star
Volans Brown Star
Volantis Blue-White Star
Voore White Star
Voxh Orange Star
Vox Yellow Star
Vulcan Red Star
Vuples Brown Star
Waage Blue-White Star
Wabir White Star
Waghi Yellow Star
Wagi Orange Star
Wain Red Star
Warikomi Brown Star
Wasat Blue-White Star
Wazna White Star
Wegat Yellow Star
Weilon Orange Star
Wesatgo Red Star
Wesen Brown Star
Whynil Blue-White Star
Wilderr White Star
Willow Yellow Star
Wirius Orange Star
Wolf Red Star
Wool Brown Star
Woza Blue-White Star
Xanthus White Star
Xeen Yellow Star
Xendalla Orange Star
Xengara Red Star
Xenona Brown Star
Xiclotl Blue-White Star
Xiphias White Star
Xolas Yellow Star
Xoth Orange Star
Xudax Red Star
Yadb Brown Star
Yaddith Blue-White Star
Yarak White Star
Yarrow Yellow Star
Yedeus Orange Star
Yekubi Red Star
Yenbaran Brown Star
Yher Blue-White Star
Yian White Star
Yifnehan Yellow Star
Yildum Orange Star
Ymarne Red Star
Ynarl Brown Star
Yothis Blue-White Star
Yueh White Star
Yuzh Yellow Star
Zaban Orange Star
Zak Red Star
Zaman Brown Star
Zaniah Blue-White Star
Zaoth White Star
Zarijan Yellow Star
Zaurak Orange Star
Zenithnd Red Star
Zeraha Brown Star
Zhadoom Blue-White Star
Zhardan White Star
Zibam Yellow Star
Zibbat Orange Star
Zichos Red Star
Zinge Blue-White Star
Zin Brown Star
Zirkel White Star
Zirrff Yellow Star
Zobna Orange Star
Zoctan Red Star
Zonaus Brown Star
Zosma Blue-White Star
Zota Brown Star
Zothique White Star
Zubana Yellow Star
Zubrahr Orange Star
Zweig Red Star