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Tech achievements are general upgrades unlocked as the empire progresses through the technology tree, providing major benefits.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

The list is ordered by the RP cost of the unlocking technology.
Image Name Unlocking technology RP cost Effect
Space scanner Space travel 0 Scanner range: 2.5
Deep scanner Electronics 65 Reveals the entire system upon entering
Xeno diplomacy.png
Xeno diplomacy Xeno relations 65 Unlocks Research Treaty, Establish Embassy, Alliance and Offensive Treaty
Microbiotics Genetic engineering 120 +15% population growth
Telephatic training.png
Telepathic training Genetic engineering 120 +10% spy bonys
Heightened intelligence.png
Heightened intelligence Genetic mutations 240 +0.5 Research Points generation per researcher
Tachyon comunications.png
Tachyon communications Tachyon physics 240 +2 Command Points per star base
Tachyon scanner Tachyon physics 240 Scanner range: 4
Biomorphic fungi.png
Biomorphic fungi Astro biology 650
Multistate insulator.png
Multistate insulator Electromagnetic refraction 650 Allows ships to travel through Unstable Warp Points.
Stealth suit.png
Stealth suit Electromagnetic refraction 650 +20% spy bonus
Microlite construction.png
Microlite construction Nano technology 950 -25% Production cost
Subspace comunications.png
Subspace communications Subspace physics 950 +3 Command Points per star base
Marine pods Advanced tactics 1250 +6 ship space
Megafluxers High energy distribution 1250 +25% ship space
Universal antidote.png
Universal antidote Artificial life 1250 +25% population growth
Advanced city planning.png
Advanced city planning Galactic economics 2250 +5 tiles in every colony
Neural scanner.png
Neural scanner Artificial intelligence 2250 +50% spy bonys
Hyperspace comunications.png
Hyperspace communications Multi-dimensional physics 2900 +5 Command Points per star base
Hyperspace sensors Multi-dimensional physics 2900 Scanner range: 5
Cyber security link.png
Cyber security link Artificial consciousness 3250 +50% espionage rating
Virtual reality network.png
Virtual reality network Galactic networking 3250 +10% Morale
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