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Technology is the soul of imperial domination. While having the right tech alone doesn't win wars, it can provide an incredible edge over the opposition.

Legend[edit | edit source]

The benefits unlocked through research can be roughly divided into three categories
  • Usable by colonies, such as structures.
  • Usable by ships, such as weapons and modules.
  • General tech achievements that provide global bonuses and apply from the moment of their discovery.
The tech tree is broken down into "tiers", distinguished by their resource costs.

Tech tree[edit | edit source]

Starting technologies[edit | edit source]

All races starts with these technologies unlocked
Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Root techs Unlocked at start Colony structures:
Marine barracks
Missile base
Star base

Colony projects:
Pollution clean-up

Ship weapons: Nuclear bomb 
Laser cannon 
Nuclear missile 
Ship modules: Nuclear drive 
Titanium armor 
Augmented engines   Ship types:
Space factory 

Ground combat:
Laser rifle 

Space structures:
Space surveillance system
Asteroid mine
Asteroid laboratory 
Superscalar gas harvester 

Ship weapon modifiers:
Point defense
Heavy mount 
Enveloping fields 

Space travel.png
Space travel Ship types: Colony ship

Space structures: Military outpost 
Space scanner

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Advanced government tech.png
Government 12 Space travel Colony structures: Research laboratory 
Government support facility
Engineering 12 Space travel Ship types: Destroyer 
Ship modules Anti-missile rockets
Nuclear physics tech.png
Physics 12 Space travel Colony structures: Automated factory 

Ground combat: Neutron blaster

Bio technology tech.png
Biology 12 Space travel Colony structures: Hydroponic farm

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Intergalactic economics.png
Economics 65 Government Colony project: Trade goods 

Colony structure: Colonial revenue services

Intergalactic economics.png
Deep space exploration 65 Government Ship type: Civil transport

Colony structure: Fungal farms

Molecular compression.png
Molecular manipulation 65 Engineering Colony structure: Atmospheric renewer 

Ship weapon: Merculite missile

Advanced fusion.png
Advanced fusion 65 Engineering Ship modules: Fusion drive
Alien alloys.png
Xeno relations 65 Government Tech achievement:
Xeno diplomacy
Advanced magnetism.png
Advanced magnetism 65 Physics Ship modules: Class I shield 
ECM jammer
Electronics 65 Physics Ship modules: Deep scanner  (automatically added to all ships)
Electronic computer
Bio technology tech.png
Biotechnology 65 Biology Colony structures: Cloning center 

Ship weapons: Death Spores

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Private funding 120 Deep space exploration
Colony structures: Advanced data center, crust prospecting
Advanced engineering tech.png
Advanced engineering 120 Molecular manipulation Colony structure: space elevator 

Ship type: Cruiser 
Ship module: Tritanium armor

Advanced fusion.png
Fusion weapons 120 Advanced fusion Ship weapons: Fusion beam OR Fusion bomb
Military tactics.png
Military tactics 120 Xeno relations
Deep space exploration
Colony structure: Global DNA scanner 

Ship type: Troop transport

Neutrino physics.png
Neutrino physics 120 Advanced magnetism Colony structure: Neutron collider 

Ship weapon: Mass driver 
Ground combat: Neutron rifle

Positron physics.png
Positron physics 120 Advanced magnetism
Ship weapon: Proton torpedoes 

Ship module: Displacement device

Alien alloys.png
Xenobiotics 120 Bio technology Colony project: Uber transformation

Colony structures: Toxic processor + (Soil enrichment facility | deep-sea cooling)

Genetic engineering.png
Genetic engineering 120 Bio technology
Molecular manipulation
Tech achievement: Telepathic training

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Macro economics.png
Macro economics 240 Private funding Colony structure: Geosynchronic warehouse
Advanced construction.png
Advanced construction 240 Advanced engineering Ship module: Battle pods  

Ship weapon: Fighter bays

Super alloys.png
Super alloys 240 Advanced engineering Ship modules: Heavy armor , reinforced hull
Ion fission.png
Ion fission 240 Advanced engineering
Fusion weapons
Ship module : Ion drive  

Ship weapon: Ion pulse cannon

Alien alloys.png
Xenology 240 Military tactics Colony structures: Alien management center
Xeno psychology
Artificial gravity.png
Artificial gravity 240 Neutrino physics Colony structures: Orbital shipyard, moon laboratory
Tachyon physics.png
Tachyon physics 240 Neutrino physics
Positron physics
Ship modules: Battle scanner, tachyon scanner (upgraded automatically)

Tech achievement: Tachyon communications

Robotics 240 Positron physics Colony structure: Ground batteries 

Ship modules: Automated repair unit, Dauntless guidance system

Genetic mutations.png
Genetic mutations 240 Genetic engineering
Colony project: Terraforming
Tech achievement: Telepathic Training | Heightened intelligence

Tier 5[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Galactic trading.png
Galactic trading 400 Macro economics
Colony structure: Space port 

Ship type: Advanced space factory

Molecular manipulation.png
Molecular compression 400 Super alloys
Ion fission
Ship module: Neutronium armor 

Ship weapon: Pulson missile

Magneto gravitics.png
Magneto gravitics 400 Tachyon physics
Artificial gravity
Ship modules: Class III shield, warp dissipater

Colony structure: Planetary radiation shield

Optronics 400 Robotics Colony structure: Holo simulator 

Ship modules: Shield capacitor, optronic computer

Gravitic fields.png
Cybertechnics 400 Robotics
Genetic mutations
Colony structures: Robo-miners , armor barracks 

Ground combat: Powered armor

Planetology 400 Genetic mutations
Advanced construction
Colony structure: Subterranean farms 

Colony projects: Gas giant compression , asteroid compression

Tier 6[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Teaching methods.png
Teaching methods 650 Galactic trading Colony structures: Astro university, espionage training facility
Advanced construction.png
Astro engineering 650 Planetology
Molecular compression
Ship type: Battleship 

Ship weapon: Bomber bays

Anti matter fission.png
Anti-matter fission 650 Ion fission Ship module: Anti-matter drive
Ship weapon: Anti-matter bomb
Gravitic fields.png
Gravitic fields 650 Magneto gravitics Colony structure: Gravity generators 
Ground combat: Antigrav harness
Electromagnetic refraction.png
Electromagnetic refraction 650 Optronics
Magneto gravitics
Tech achievements: Personal shield , stealth suit, multistate insulator
Cybertronics 650 Cybertechnics
Ship modules: Structural analyzer | cybertronic computer
Astro construction.png
Astro biology 650 Planetology Tech achievement: Biomorphic fungi

Tier 7[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Advanced government tech.png
Advanced government 950 Teaching methods Colony structure: Interplanetary administration

Colony project: Export

Nano technology.png
Nano technology 950 Astro engineering
Anti-matter fission
Colony structure: Pollution processor 

Ship module: Zortrium armor
Tech achievement: Microlite construction

Inspired weaponry.png
Subspace physics 950 Teaching methods
Gravitic fields
Colony structure: Jump gate

Tech achievement: Subspace communications

Artificial gravity.png
Supergravity 950 Gravitic fields
Electromagnetic refraction
Ship module: Graviton beam
Ship weapon: Antimatter torpedoes
Advanced robotics.png
Advanced robotics 950 Cybertronics Space structure: Battlestation 
Ground combat: Battleoids 
Ship module: Fast missile racks
Trans genetics.png
Trans genetics 950 Astro biology
Astro engineering
Colony project: Gaia transformation 

Colony structure: Weather controller

Tier 8[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Advanced tactics.png
Advanced tactics 1250 Subspace physics
Advanced government
Colony structure: Space academy
Space structure: Advanced military outpost
Tech achievement: Marine pods
Astro construction.png
Astro construction 1250 Nano technology Ship type: Titan 

Ship weapon: Heavy fighter bays

High energy distribution.png
High energy distribution Cost:1250 Nano technology One of the following:
Ship module: High energy focus  
Ship module: Energy absorber  
Tech achievement: Megafluxers
Multi state materials.png
Multi-phased physics 1250 Subspace physics Ship weapon: Phasors 

Ground combat: Phasor rifle 
Ship module: Multi-phased shields

Warp fields.png
Subspace fields 1250 Supergravity Ship modules: Class V shield,  multiwave ECM jammer 

Ship weapon: Gauss cannon

Warp fields.png
Warp fields 1250 Supergravity Ship weapon: Pulsar  OR lightning field
Positronics 1250 Advanced robotics Colony structure: Autolab 

Ship modules: Rangemaster targeting unit, positronic computer

Artificial life.png
Artificial life 1250 Trans genetics Ship weapon: Bio terminator 

Tech achievement: Universal antidote

Tier 9[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Intergalactic economics.png
Galactic economics 2250 Advanced tactics Colony structure: Planetary stock exchange 

Tech achievement: Advanced city planning

Tectonic engineering.png
Tectonic engineering 2250 Astro construction Colony structure: Deep core mine OR  core waste dump
Matter energy transformation.png
Hyper dimensional fission 2250 High energy distribution Ship modules: Hyper drive, Hyper-X capacitors
Plasma physics.png
Plasma physics 2250 Multi-phased physics
Subspace fields
One of the following
Ship weapons: Plasma cannon, plasma torpedoes

Ground combat: Plasma rifle  

Distortion fields.png
Distortion fields 2250 Subspace fields
Warp fields
Ship module: Hard shields
Artificial intelligence.png
Artificial intelligence 2250 Artificial life
Ship module: Achilles targeting unit 

Tech achievement: Neural scanner

Molecular control.png
Molecular control 2250 Astro construction Ship module: Adamantium armor

Ship weapon: Zeon missile

Tier 10[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Superscalar construction.png
Superscalar construction 2900 Tectonic engineering Colony structures: Scientific victory 2, star fortress
Interphased fission.png
Interphased fission 2900 Hyper dimensional fission
Tectonic engineering
Ship module: Interphased drive  

Ship weapon: Neutronium bomb

Advanced tactics.png
Multi-dimensional physics 2900 Multi-phased physics Ship weapon: Disruptor cannon 

Ship module: Hyperspace sensors (automatically added)
Tech achievement: Hyperspace communications

Quantum fields.png
Quantum fields 2900 Distortion fields
Plasma physics
Ship module: Class VII shield, wide area jammer 

Colony structure: Planetary flux shield 

Moleculartronics 2900 Artificial intelligence
Molecular control
Colony structures: Scientific victory 1, pleasure dome 

Ship module: Moleculartronic computer

Tier 11[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Galactic networking.png
Galactic networking 3250 Galactic economics
Multi dimensional physics
Colony structures: Galactic currency exchange, galactic cybernet node

Tech achievement: Virtual reality network

Planetoid construction.png
Planetoid construction 3250 Superscalar construction
Interphased fission
Ship type: Doom Star
Time space paradoxes.png
Temporal physics 3250 Multi-dimensional physics
Quantum fields
Ship weapons: Stellar converter, Mauler device
Transwarp fields.png
Transwarp fields 3250 Quantum fields Ship modules: Subspace teleporter OR stasis field
Artificial conciousness.png
Artificial consciousness 3250 Moleculartronics Colony structure: Planetary supercomputer 

Tech achievement: Cyber security link

Tier 12[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Temporal fields.png
Temporal fields 4500 Galactic networking
Temporal physics
Transwarp fields
Ship module: Class X shield

Colony structures: Planetary barrier shield

Planar transcendence.png
Planar transcendence 4500 Planetoid construction
Artificial conciousness
Colony structure: Scientific victory 3

Tier 13[edit | edit source]

This tier can be researched repeatedly for an increased endgame score.
Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Planar transcendence.png
Evolving techs 10000 Temporal fields
Planar transcendence
Tech achievement: Evolving techs

Hidden technology[edit | edit source]

Image Name RP cost Prerequisites Unlocks
Orion archaeology.png
Orion archaeology 0 Be the first race to colonize Orion Ship modules: Death ray
Black hole generator 
Quantum detonator
Xentronium armor
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