Terran Khanate

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Terran Khanate
General information
PersonalityHard, Determined, Violent
Race traitsShip cost: -20%
Beam attack: +25%
Command points +20%
Starting tech: Engineering
Politics and geography
HomeworldAlpha Ceti

The Terran Khanate are one of the major civilizations in Master of Orion.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Terran Khanate is the twisted reflection of the noble Human race. They are ambitious, persistent, and cunning. Yet, they were born of blood and war, leaving them unable to move past the traumas of their development. All they see is war. All they know is power, destruction, and ruthless manipulation. They see the galaxy as a lawless space ruined by social freedoms run rampant, leading the races to weakness and decay. The Khanate was born in a time of great struggle. In the early days of Earth's unification there was a lot of unrest. Many disagreed with the policies of the new Republic. Those individuals were labeled dissidents and treated like criminals. Since they hadn't actually done anything wrong, the majority of people didn't believe they should be imprisoned or executed, but the new government was too fragile to allow them to remain. It was decided they'd be exiled and a massive ship was built to take them away from the Sol System. Half a century later, they arrived in the Alpha Ceti system. The world they landed on was a harsh one with little drinkable water and a heavy atmosphere, the exiles were forced to create breathing apparatuses to retain moister and breathable air. Life was hard and over the years tribes began to form. There were constant wars over territory and resources until they were finally united by their struggle. The tribes were unified by a man named Khan who began to call them Terrans, to distinguish themselves from those that abandoned them there. He was a merciless and calculating individual who rallied the Terrans and turned their anger to a purpose; revenge on those that left them to die. All they viewed as "Human" was cast away, leaving the newly formed Terran people to rise from the ashes and seek revenge against those who betrayed them. When Khan finally died, his successor took on his name as a title and started the Terran Khanate. Khan Leda was the first of these subsequent rulers. But not all believed her a worthy successor to Khan and they threatened to tear apart the new union. Dire circumstances called for radical solutions and she ordered bloody purges to stem the tide of deviancy, corruption, and greed. Castes were established where one's duty to the Khanate transcended all - it is not a failing to be a laborer but it is a failing to not to put forth your best no matter ones position. The Terrans, warped by their struggle for survival and bred for war, now seek to guarantee their position of authority in the galaxy. They intend to use their power to guide the errant races to the path of strength, or the will of the Khan, by forcefully removing their weakest aspects so the strong may thrive.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Hard, Determined, Violent

  • Ship Cost: -20%
  • Ground Units: Trains marines 50% faster
  • Beam Attack: +25%
  • Command Points: +20%
  • Starting Tech: Engineering
  • Morale: +15%

Strategies[edit | edit source]

The Terran Khanate are a warlike race and their strategy reflects this. They are excellent at combat due to added beam attack and engineering as the starting tech allows early construction of destroyers. High morale allows for high taxes, increasing the funds you can use to support the war machine that the Terran race is. Lower ship cost, extra command points, and more marines all contribute to the creation of vast invasion fleets. Throughout the game you should be focused on conquering weaker races and bringing them into you ever expanding empire.

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