Transponder control plant

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Transponder control plant
Scientific victory 2.png
Tech requiredSuperscalar construction (TL 10)
EffectEnables Scientific Victory
RequirementsHyperplanar transfer tracking premises
RestrictionsOne per empire

The transponder control plant, or TCP, is a colony structure in Master of Orion. It upgrades the hyperplanar transfer tracking premises and can therefore only be built on the same planet as the HTTP.

Description[edit | edit source]

The TCP is a large facility dedicated to the maintenance of the Planar Transponder Unit, a device capable of receiving signals from dimensions different than our own and automatically retransmitting a different signal in return.

Together with the Hyperplanar Transfer Tracking Premises and Ultraplanar Dimorphic Prospector, they are the key to transcend this plane of existence and achieve Scientific Victory.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This building has no effect besides working toward the scientific victory. It cannot be built if this victory condition is disabled. Like terraforming projects, it cannot be bought out, so it should be built on a planet with the highest production output.